Past Honorees

2023 Honorees

Dr. Diana Foo Hui Ping

Dr Diana Foo Hui Ping

Academic Leadership and or Accomplishment Category

Jordan Choong Jun Meng

Business, Economic and or Entrepreneurial Accomplishment Category

Kent Ng Kun Kwan

Cultural Achievement Category

Alex Tan Chun Peng

Contribution to Children, World Peace and or Human Rights Category

Leo Kok Ping

Humanitarian and or Voluntary Leadership Category

Asst Prof Dr Teo Chiah Shean

Medical Innovation Category

Low Tzy Yin

Personal Improvement and or Accomplishment Category

Jason Teo Giin Liang

Moral and or Environmental Leadership Category

Dato Lee Lin Fong

Political, Legal and or Government Affairs Category

Chia Chung Yeong

Scientific and or Technological Development Category

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