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The Cradle of Hands Signifies Mankind. The Human Spirit supports the Ideals of Society, Sustain Achievement and Progress

Meaning of the Trophy

  1. The five leading edges of the column represent the five tenets of our Rukun Negara;

  2. Pyramid-shape column of five-point star come cross section resting on a cradle of two open hands;

  3. The cradle of hands signifies mankind. The human spirit supports the ideals of society, sustain achievement and progress;

  4. The hands also represent humanity, service to others and the community;

  5. The five points also represent the five senses, the proper development of which enhances the quality of human life;

  6. The star shape of the cross section of all level of the pyramid signifies light and hope, with those less endowed blessed with hope and aspiration;

  7. The taper of the pyramid to its pinnacle signifies high ideals, endeavour, aspiration and achievement;

  8. The step forming the base symbolize the stages in life that an individual has to go through in progress with time.


  • Academic Leadership and/or Accomplishment
  • Medical Innovation
  • Personal Improvement and/or Accomplishment
  • Political, Legal and/or Government Affairs
  • Humanitarian and / or Voluntary Service
  • Contribution to Children, World Peace, and/or Human Rights
  • Cultural Achievement
  • Scientific and / or Technological Development¬†
  • Business, Economic and/or Entrepreneurship Achievement
  • Academic Leadership and/or Accomplishment

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